Khaali Peeli Bollywood Movie Review: Ishan Khattar and Ananya Pandey

Due to the closure of cinemas due to coronavirus lockdown, many films had to be released in cinemas, which were made to be released in cinemas. One of these is the film ' Khaali Peeli ' of Ishan Khattar and Ananya Pandey, which was released on October 2 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. ' Khaali Peeli ' is a Bollywood-style typical spice entrepreneur, with a hero, heroine, villain, a little dancing and action.

The treatment of the film takes you on the journey of the Eighties cinema when all these elements were dominated. It is realized by the scenes of credit rolls when the hero of the film suddenly becomes bigger when rushing from the middle of the train's boxes in a chase sequence. In the seventies and eighties action drama, such scenes were seen. You remember, in which film did such a scene last time? It may take a little while for the millennial audience to think. 

The ' Khaali Peeli ' is the story of the childhood lovers Vijay (Ishan) and Pooja (Ananya) to meet, scatter, and then meet. Vijay has been a vicious mind and a fast-learner since childhood. He runs a black-yellow cab. He has no moral values. It is his principle to hit the fourth. As Mumbai films often show street smart kids, Vijay pursues the same tradition. During development, she receives puja, which is fleeing from her marriage. He hires a taxi of victory. In turn, Vijay asks for a hefty sum of money for which he is ready. Vijay runs with him. Behind the pooja, Yusuf (Jaideep Ahlavat) takes the goons. Joseph is a pimp who is in the business of Gymmhorse. There is another development, after which the Mumbai Crime Branch's officer Tawde (Zakir Hussain) gets his own. 

The story is very simple and may seem to be seen, but the screenplay of Yash Kesarwani and Seema Agarwal made the flat story exciting. The script has made the best use of flashbacks, which did not reduce the entertainment dose. The innocent love story of Vijay and puja comes in the midst of a flashback.

These parts of the script maintain the interest of the viewer. The backstory shows that Joseph has a longstanding relationship with Victory, and he is responsible for the turmoil in his present life. Yusuf is also the real villain of the love story of victory and worship since childhood. The use of showing a backstory to convince him after a scene has been successful, breaking the uniformity of ' Khaali Peeli ' and maintaining excitement. 

This is the third film of Shahid Kapoor's half brother Ishan Kanter. As the lead actor, he started his film journey from Iranian director Majid Majdi's film ' Beyond the Clouds '. From the film, Ishan had said that acting was in his veins. The second film ' Beats ', which was the official remake of the Marathi hit ' Surat '. In the film, he played the role of an innocent lover of a small town. The Khaali Peeli, Ishan introduces Hindi to the hero of cinema for which Bollywood is famous all over the world.

Ishan has successfully played the role of Vijay. He has caught the Mumbai accent of street smart boys very closely. Words like ' Ragartan ' tickle. In fact, the title of the film ' Khaali Peeli ' has also come from the same Mumbai slang. 

Those who see Mumbai closely will know that in common colloquial language, Khaali Peeli means unnecessary or without talking. Director Maqbool Khan made the same signature style of Mumbai language the title of his film. One of the reasons for having the title ' Khaali Peeli ' is that it looks like a black-yellow hearing, which has been an identity of Mumbai like the sea and the stars. The same black-yellow taxi coin was run on Mumbai routes before the launch of the app-based taxi services of private companies. This is the color of the black-yellow thrill in ' Khaali Peeli '. 

This is also the third release of Ananya Pandey, the pooja of ' Khaali Peeli '. He had made a debut in Bollywood from the students of the year. In this film, Ananya is well-off in the pooja character and did not let the ' Khaali Peeli ' wander on the entertainment highway in conjunction with Ishan. Swanand Kirkire is the surprise of the film. Swanand has played the role of a middle-aged rich man who runs a business of gym horse under the guise of business. She wants to marry her many years of small worship. It is also shocking to see the best lyricist Swanand acting in this character and also arouse interest.

Jaideep Ahlavat is the best actor and playing this character was not at all challenging for him. Anoop Soni has not got much screen time, but the longer it comes, the more it takes. Satish Kaushik's special clearance is a comedy. Both the child artists Vedanta Desai and Deshna Dugar of ' Khaali Peeli ' have made a significant contribution to the role of Vijay, Blacki, and Pooja characters. Deshna has been playing the role of the little Zafira (later Fatima Sana Sheikh) in Aamir Khan's ' Thongs of Hindostan '. 

The best part of music in ' Khaali Peeli ' is that it does not hinder the screenplay anywhere. There are only three songs that are emotional. The ringing in the background affects the ' devastated ', which has been voiced by Shekhar Ravjiani (Vishal Shekhar) and Prakrim Kakkar. After the controversy, the word ' world will be blushing ' has been removed from the song. The background score of the accumulated Balhara and Ankit Balhara speeds up the exciting journey of ' Khaali Peeli '. The editing of Rameshwar Bhagat is stylish. In particular, the scene in which Vijay is bargaining with Joseph's man in exchange for handing over the pooja affects. Montaz, created by adding scenes of a moving and a stopped taxi to this scene, attracts attention. 

Director Maqbool Khan has used all the departments of the film properly. Despite the lack of novelty in the story, it is tempted to present it. The ' Khaali Peeli ' gives a sense of the eighty-round spice films, but it has not allowed the exaggeration, which was the peculiarity of the round and makes today's audience ridiculous. 

Artists-Ishan Khattar, Ananya Pandey, Jaideep Ahlavat, Zakir Hussain, Anoop Soni, Satish Kaushik etc.

Director- Maqbool Khan

Producers-Ali Abbas Zafar, Himanshu Kishan Mehra, and Zee Studio.

Platform - Zeeplex

Verdict- *** (Three Stars)

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