Serious Men Bollywood Movie Review

Sudhir Mishra's film Sirius Main is mainly the story of two scams. A scam is in the name of the discovery of alien microbes in space, which is a highly famous space scientist who is a Brahmin from caste. The second scam is a father who is from the Dalit community to prove his existence on Earth. The stigma of the centuries-long caste discrimination between the two scams and the distraction of pursuing the status of the elite class living in skyscrapers is the essence of the ' Sirius main '.

The film was released on Netflix on Friday, with Nawaz completing his hattrick with Netflix, which started with the famous and disputed web series ' Sacred Games '. 

The Sirius man is based on the novel of Manu Joseph in the same name. The Ayyan Mani (Nawazuddin Siddiqi), who belongs to the Dalit family of a small village in Tamil Nadu, lives with a wife (Indira Tiwari) in a small room in a chawl in Mumbai. Ayyan is a PA of scientist Dr. Acharya (Nasar). Ayyan, who lives in distress with the boss's habitual rebukes, wants to give his son a safe and successful future. He wants to make him ' Sirius man '. Here, the symbolic meaning of the Sirius should be considered elite or elite.

For a fervent desire to make the son's future brighter, he creates a game that leads to wastage. Ayyan projects his common-sense son as a genius in front of the world. For this, he teaches him great things and scientific terminology. If needed during public speaking, it tells the front lines through blue tooth and hearing aid. 

This gives him status, fame, money in society. However, after a while, the child is not able to lift this burden of falsehood and his secret is to be a secret. On the other hand, Dr. Acharya's search for alien microbes in space proves to be bogus and his job is lost, for which Ayyan is largely responsible. Now the story comes to a point when both 'scam lies' from different economic and social backgrounds help each other to finally lead it to a decisive climax. 

The Sirius man, on the one hand, rests on the aspirations of a man who is suffering from caste frustration and poverty, while also questioning some of the basic things in the education system. What is the meaning of the Dalit class for religious and political people, the Sirius main lights up? 

Sirius Main is also the story of countless children whose childhood is visited by their parents ' ambitions. It is a different thing that children will not be able to see the film because of its dialogues and some scenes. The stream of cows has been used to keep dialogues close to reality. However, it is according to the character and the need of the moment. 

In view of the abilities of the artist Nawazuddin, it was not a challenge for them to play such a character. Nawaz has successfully presented various aspects of the character of Ayyan on the screen. The tone of the South Indian character living in Mumbai has been grabbed by Nawaz. However, Indira Tiwari, a child artiste, Akshat Das, and wife, who played the role of the most affected son.

Akshat's father's aspirations The victory and defeat of the burdened innocent son have been lived in a very well-off manner. Especially the scene when the injury of not playing the role of being a genius affects his young mind and mind. Indira has been on the screen with the full-on gestures of a low-income woman living in chawl. His mannerism is amazing for this character. It does not seem that Indira is acting. Shweta Basu Prasad has done a fine job in the role of Sanjay Narvetax and his future polytechnic daughter in the role of leader and builder.

One of the problems that are seen with Sirius's man is that it has tried to say a lot together, and the film seems to be a little complicated somewhere. On this front, the film feels a little weak, but not too weak to ignore the film. The treatment of the film, which is a serious subject, has been kept lighter through the character of Nawaz, which does not make it boring. 

Artists-Nawazuddin Siddiqi, Indira Tiwari, Akshat Das, Nasar, Sanjay Narvetax, Shweta Basu Prasad, etc.

Director- Sudhir Mishra

Platform - Netflix

Star- *** (Three Stars)

Duration: Two hours

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