Ginny Weds Sunny Review: Flat and Predictable 'Ginny Weds Sunny' Story

Artists-Vikrant Massi, Yomi Gautam, Rajesh Gupta, Aisha Raza Mishra, Suhail Nayyar

Director- Puneet Khanna

Producer- Vinod Bachchan

Verdict- **1/2 (Two and a Half Stars)

Ginny Weds Sunny has been released on Netflix this Friday (October 9). There have been countless films on cinema Hindi on the subject of Confuse in love. Sometimes the hero is confusing, sometimes the heroine. When a film is made on a popular theme, the way of storytelling becomes very important. This is a way that can make the film vibrant and create a sense of seeing something new inside the viewer. If it is relaxed, then it does not seem to be a heap of film. The story of Ginny Weds Sunny, Hindi repeats the centuries-old formula of cinema. However, the film could not give anything new.  

The story is of Satname Sethi, Sunny (Vikrant Massi), and Ginny (Yomi Gautam). Both belong to the middle-class Punjabi family in Delhi. Sunny is a very good cook. He wants to open a restaurant. However, his father (Rajeev Gutta) believes that he should marry first. Many girls have been able to act on Sunny. Do not see any way his father takes the help of matchmaker Shobha Junja (Aisha Raza Mishra).

Shobha's daughter is Ginny, who is going to live free care and life on her own terms. Works in the insurance company. He has a friendship with a rich boy Nishant Rathi (Suhail Nayyar). Ginny wants to marry her, but the boy is avoiding it. Both of them have had a breakout, but they are still together. Ginny moves with him. Goes to the concert. The mother of Ginny has the idea of why not get sunny married to Ginny.

Sunny also wants Ginny from school time, but she seems to be out of her reach. When Shobha inspires her, she looks after her to impress Ginny. After all, Ginny is accepted, but when Sunny expresses her love for Ginny, Nishant makes her offer. Sunny's heart is broken. Ginny once again becomes confused. A broken heart, Sunny gets ready to marry her parents and leaves the intention of opening her restaurant and joining the father's hardware shop.

Ginny's mother tries once again and agrees to join Ginny's wedding. In the meantime, Nishant, consisting of Ginny, removes his confusion that he will remain a friend. Ginny goes to sunny's destination wedding. There is something that makes Ginny angry and hats to marry Sunny. The bus becomes the happy ending of the film after a few dramatic developments. 

The story of Ginny Velds Sunny is very flat and predictable, which has made the film monotonous. However, some scenes tickle. Sunny, when she makes a kind of punch to impress her under the direction of Ginny's mother, gets a little comfort from those scenes.

The climax scenes have tried to create some tension, but the scenes are so predictable that the whole thrill ends. Efforts have been made to highlight Punjabi culture and emotion through dialogues and pronunciation, but in the writings of Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora, the departure seems to be missing and everything seems to be hidden.

This is the first commercial romantic-comedy film of Vikrant Massey in which he has played the lead role. The acting abilities of Vikrant cannot be squeamed. He has tried something new in this film. The songs have been lip-synced and the skills of dance are shown. After Netflix's ' Dolly Kitty and the shining stars ' and ' cargo ', Vikrant appears here in a totally different way. However, there is no romantic hero's feeling by looking at them.

Yomi Gautam has tried his best to live up to the unbalance and boldness of Ginny's character and has succeeded to a great extent. The film's associate characters have emerged as the character of Shobha Junja, played by Aisha Raza Mishra. She has been in the entire film. In the film, Micah and the emperor's song is remembered by the fire in Sawan. The rest is for food supply. The most disappointing thing is that despite the story being set in Delhi, ' Delhi ' does not become a part of this story. 

Director Puneet Khanna tried to make a light-hearted romantic comedy, but it is difficult to love this romantic comedy of two hours and five minutes because of a lot of cleavages. The film seems to be stretched after a while. They saved the marriage of Ginny and Sunny, but they could not save the film.

The film's producer Vinod Bachchan has already made a film like dilute Heads Manu, directed by Anand L Rai. In marriage and love, the place of the dilute heads menu is quite high in the films made on the Confuse. The same theme has been tried to encash in the Ginny weds sunny, but this time the case is not deposited.

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