High On MX Player Review

Web Series Review: High

Artists: Akshay Oberoi, Prakash Belwadi, Nakul Bhalla, Shweta Basu Prasad, and Ranveer Shourie, etc.

Director: Nikhil Rao

OTT: MX Player

News channels have come to use the people of the country in recent times to use some knowledge about drug trafficking or its business. For the audience who have missed the thrill of Rhea Chakravarty's arrest till Deepika Padukone was chased, she has come up with the MX player, a series of Agadam Bagram type, high. There is also a chance, the custom is also, the hash, the weed, the goods are already hot with all the iron, just this OTT killed the hammer. The target was not, let's find out..!!

Thousands of millions of people from all over the world come to India. From Kashi to Manali, they are buried. Most of them also get ' Babaji's herb '. What if the country has the power to change the entire account of the world in this herb? This is the achievement of the new web series ' High ' with nine episodes of MX player. MX Player is the OTT for free. If you have seen the documentary ' The Social Delivery ', it must have been understood that the goods that are available for free actually turn the use of it into a product, not a consumer. So the declared objective of this ott's new web series ' High ', which is transforming the fastest audience in the country from consumer to product, is social interest, but the spices are all the same as the bulk prices these days Hindi are appearing in the web series. Now, who should explain to them that these are all zero ahead of the last few years of the hit web series ' These are my family ', ' Panchayat ' or ' piggy bank '.

The speed at which the language of the web series is changing seems to be that the day is not far away when the abuses can claim to be the national language of the country. This is the only one left in the day-long channel's Kanya Kanya and the nephew on Twitter. The plot of the web series ' High ' is so good that if it had not been copied to the second web series, it could have become a powerful web series of this season. But, good, the creative team of the MX player, who needs the maureri sister of every web series ' Mastram '. It is also said that the team is now present at the time of the shooting and sees that the series direct has not thrown off their fastened ganda. Well, you have your own hobby. The dharma of this series of MX player, which is poised to become an ALTBalaji, awakens here in his hero's character. He is hashish, but consciousness is equally.

So in the heart of these Chaitanya Chatur Charasi of web series 'High', there is a test of doing something good. He is in touch with a traitor who is busy doing spoiled work in a satisfying manner. They think that the boot that they are looking for was successful only…! Now, if you are doing good work then it is also important to have bad people to maintain balance. So, despite constantly cursing the Mumbai entertainment industry for bias, Ranveer Shorey, who is seen in every other web series, is also here. Apart from this, there are guns, bazookas, and bombers. All the story is set as it can emerge in the mind of any common viewer after watching its first episode. There is no surprise anywhere, there is no separate action. Sub Hi-Fi is according to the name of the series.

The story of the web series ' High ', it's acting, and its background music if it has low points, its high points are its treatment and the color on it to show it apart from the common web series, which we call the color palette in technical language. The story goes to the stage where the smuggling of gold was left in the smuggling of drugs. If the research that is involved in this series on this demand and supply business, if the same research had been done on its casting and its script, the series could undoubtedly have gone beyond the web series like ' powder ' and ' smoke '.

Ranvir Shourie is the only attraction of the series in the artists, the second brightest star in his solar system is Akshay Oberoi. The rest of the enthralled enchanted as usual. Shweta Basu Prasad has gradually become Radhika Apte of OTT. There has been so much over-exposure that the spectators are now looking for something better. The acting of light has its own set template, it does not move an inch from it to the right and not the left. MX Player's own machine keeps telling them how many million people have seen the series. These numbers will definitely be called, but not to waste time.

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