Vermaa Tamil Movie Review

Vermaa is the Tamil remake of Vijay Devarakonda starring Arjun Reddy, a Telugu film. Bala remade the film with Dhruv Vikram. Vikram wanted Bala to direct his son's first film. But the production side said it was not right after the film was done. Aditya's next film is 'Krishi'

Those who saw Aditya Varma wanted to know what Varma would look like. The audience is wondering if this is Bala.

Thank God, Vermaa did not run for 3 hours. It is a relief to have completed in two hours. It looks like you saw Aditya Varma at 1.5 X speed. Bala Varma, who is notorious for directing his own story, has shown a series of scenes that it happened and then another happened.

It feels like sitting on one train and watching another. Nothing has been impressed in our minds from the film.

Vermaa is not like Arjun Reddy. Bhavani (Eswari Rao), a maid who is rearing Vermaa from a young age, is like a mother to her. Arjun Reddy and Aditya Vermaa will be the best advisers. Bhavani has done the work. Only Bhavani's character is properly portrayed.

The music composer of Arjun Reddy's film, Radhan, has composed music for Vermaa too. But the music was not impressive. Vermaa is not new. Vermaa is the stylish version of Arjun Reddy.

The choice of actors is very bad. The actors could not give life to their characters because of the poor screenplay. Megha Choudhary may not have been cast in the film. The chemistry between him and Dhru is not clean. Raisa Wilson's character is named after the name.

Dhruv looks like some scenes experienced, and in some scenes, it is obvious that he is a newcomer. Vermaa is not released in the attic.

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